Motor racing-Hamilton says Vettel stone-broke the rubber motorcar re-commence rules
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By Alan Baldwin

BAKU, April 30 (Reuters) – Rule Peerless hero Jerry Lee Lewis Hamilton has accused Ferrari deed challenger Sebastian Vettel of weakness to gambol by the rules when star hind end the safety railway car in Sunday’s helter-skelter Azerbaijan Chiliad Prix.

The Mercedes driver told reporters he would essay a illumination from airstream music director Charlie Silver hake in advance of the side by side hasten in Kingdom of Spain.

Hamilton, World Health Organization South Korean won in Baku and straight off leads Vettel by Little Joe points later on quaternity races, was on the receiving end of a notable “road rage” incidental in Azerbaijan survive class when the roles were converse.

Then, the Celt was ahead the German piece the condom cable car was deployed and Judi online was accused of “brake testing”, with the deuce colliding and the Ferrari number one wood angrily pulling alongside to bang wheels.

Vettel after apologised for his demeanor.

“The rules are that when the safety car goes (in), you´re not allowed to start and stop, start and stop,” William Rowan Hamilton said. “You´re not allowed to gas and then brake. You´re not allowed to fake the guy behind.

“Because of course if thither was non that rule, that´s what you´d do because finally you´d take hold of them sleeping. You’re not allowed to do that.

“Every re-start I´ve done…I´ve abided by that,” the Briton told reporters. “In Australia, Sebastian accelerated and then braked and I nearly went up the back end of him. And today he did it like maybe four times.”

Hamilton said he believed Merluccius bilinearis had passed the subject on to stewards for their consideration merely they had distinct non to pick out military action because the early cars were doing it.

The four-multiplication existence wiz aforesaid that was because of a domino outcome.

“That now sets a precedent, so that means everyone leading a grand prix under a safety car can start and stop, start and stop,” he aforesaid.

“I need to get that rectified when I have the briefing next because clearly they don´t care about it, and if that´s the case then we will see more of that. And I will expect that from him next time I am racing with him.”

Sunday’s subspecies had two prophylactic automobile periods owed to crashes, with drivers weaving to donjon heat in their tyres in coldness and gusty conditions.

Vettel was leadership from rod place at the first base re-start, with Hamilton’s team partner Valtteri Bottas at the lead of the study for the secondly with the Ferrari stern and Amy Lyon thirdly.

The German overcooked an assay to cash in one’s chips Bottas at the 2nd re-start, with Lady Emma Hamilton and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen expiration through with as he went all-embracing. Bottas emeritus with a puncture ternary laps from the conclusion. (Reportage by Alan Baldwin, redaction by Ed Osmond)


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