Free ITunes Gift Card Codes That Work Is Your Worst Enemy. Four Ways To Defeat It

AUTHORIZED FREE ITUNES CODES No Survey No Download ITunes Codes Giveaway Hello there! ( yap, highest bider paying for $10 greater than the face value of the card) Truthfully, I am amazed how SENSIBLE some patrons are on ( may be explained by supply and demand, however it is nonetheless make me feel sorry for […]

3D Ultrasound – Not Worth It!

Okay, so we went ahead and treated ourselves to an ultrasound in 3d.  Be a judge – is 3d ultrasound better than regular, classic ultrasound?  In my opinion – not at all!  First, the yellowish colors of the 3d ultrasound have something about them I don’t like (and you can’t tell it from this 3d picture […]

It’s a girl! Or can ultrasound be wrong about gender?

I wanted to start my baby blogging with these couple thoughts about my soon to arrive daughter. I admit – I was a little shocked when they told us we’re going to have another daughter.  Probably because we were ‘planning’ for a boy.  Probably because the pregnancy at the begining was so different from the […]

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