Free ITunes Gift Card Codes That Work Is Your Worst Enemy. Four Ways To Defeat It

AUTHORIZED FREE ITUNES CODES No Survey No Download ITunes Codes Giveaway Hello there! ( yap, highest bider paying for $10 greater than the face value of the card) Truthfully, I am amazed how SENSIBLE some patrons are on ( may be explained by supply and demand, however it is nonetheless make me feel sorry for […]

3D Ultrasound – Not Worth It!

Okay, so we went ahead and treated ourselves to an ultrasound in 3d.  Be a judge – is 3d ultrasound better than regular, classic ultrasound?  In my opinion – not at all!  First, the yellowish colors of the 3d ultrasound have something about them I don’t like (and you can’t tell it from this 3d picture […]

It’s a girl! Or can ultrasound be wrong about gender?

I wanted to start my baby blogging with these couple thoughts about my soon to arrive daughter. I admit – I was a little shocked when they told us we’re going to have another daughter.  Probably because we were ‘planning’ for a boy.  Probably because the pregnancy at the begining was so different from the […]

My baby is itching me!

Hi I’m happy to be here! It’s a second baby for me and I wish this blog was around for me to start one before Flavia was born. I’m 2.5 months away from due date. USG’s shows it’s going to be girl number two, which makes me very happy (not so much Chris since we […]

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